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January 20, 2012 3:07 am
Donate to Help Rachel get a Kidney Transplant by January 25, 2012

Hey followers, I thought I’d share this in case anyone would like to help.┬áThe plea comes from a woman who ran a Facebook group I belonged to, back when I used FB. Currently, $1,095.00 of the $3000.00 needed has been raised. Even if you can’t donate, please just reblog, in case there is someone who is able to:

I am raising money for Rachel, an amazing young woman that I sponsored through nursing school in Kenya. She is in desperate need of a kidney transplant as earlier this year she was diagnosed with End Stage Renal disease, underwent dialysis and now needs a kidney transplant. She needs to raise a few thousand dollars to cover the cost of the transplant which is scheduled for January 28 if she is able to raise enough money by January 25. Her older 32 year old brother has been identified as a match. As of January 18 the hospital has confirmed that she is in stable condition but that she has not been doing well.

A little background about Rachel - Upon graduation from nursing school she immediately got a job in a hospital in Nairobi. Once she was making an income she paid it forward by paying for the educational needs of two orphaned children and sent money back to her parents to help them with medical costs due to heart disease and diabetes. She is an amazing woman who from day one has been ever so grateful for me helping her through nursing school and her entire focus has always been on how she can help others in her country. We have maintained a regular relationship of letters, emails and photos over the past few years. I welcome the opportunity to try and help her in this challenging time. I welcome your contribution no matter how small!! Every little bit adds up. If you donate, I will provide you with regular updates on her progress. She is mailing me some updated photos now. The photo on here shows her at work (she is on the right).”

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